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Is this a Crisis or an Inconvenience?

Crisis – “time of great danger or trouble, whose outcome decides whether possible bad consequences will follow.”

Inconvenience – “not favorable to one’s comfort, difficult to do, use or get to.”

Is it fair to say that we all know and recognize that life can be difficult and has its challenges? Yes, the statement that “stress is a part of life” rings true for every creature on this planet.

When stress is upon us, it can be difficult to maintain perspective on the situation. I have found that asking the question: “Is this a crisis or an inconvenience?” brings me to a clearer vision of the matter at hand. Once we have established the level of urgency, we are more present and better empowered to respond with an appropriate action.

Considering these definitions, what are you aware of that may once have been considered a crisis but now may truly be an “inconvenience”?

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