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Falling Into Letting Go

Benjamin Alire Sáenz | The Inexplicable Logic of My Life

YES! Autumn is beginning to show itself with the amazing colors of foliage, the pumpkins, the haystacks and the Apple Ciders. For many of us, this is one of our favorite seasons as we look forward to the cooler weather, the toasting of marshmallows with the bonfires, the cozy blankets we snuggle with and the reminder that fall brings the season of letting go. Just as the trees are letting go of the leaves they held, so are the plants and flowers letting go of the blooms or fruit they were so radiantly providing us.

AS WE THINK about our own journeys in life, have we encountered a recent experience where "letting go" has been our preservation? Have there been moments where the mantra "letting go" is what helped to move forward and release ourselves from the struggle? Letting go is also a way of saying "it is what it is and it is just that".

LIKE A LEAF falling from a TALL TREE, can we pause and consider "just letting go" . . . and allowing ourselves to grow into a new season?

What areas of your life may benefit from "letting go"?
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