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Heroines and Heroes

It seems not too long ago the Super Hero films were stealing the show as they rose to record breaking levels of sales, viewers, and popularity. Ironman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman… have mega screen time and have impacted many a young child’s mind.

During this particular time of our journey, we may now be recognizing what a true hero embodies. As adults when we contemplate who are (or who have been) heroes and heroines to us, what individuals come to mind? Is it a neighbor who saw your patio furniture blowing over and came to the rescue to secure it in place? Is it a teacher who noticed your child’s sadness and gave him a special poem to offer cheer? Is it a co-worker who offered to take on another task so you would be able to leave early for vacation?

Are there more local heroes you can think of to emulate?


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