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Breeze and Gusts

A light breeze can feel refreshing and comforting on a warm summer day. The light tingle on your skin may be a welcome touch from Mother Nature. Wind gusts, however, are a different experience and sensation. Most of us would prefer that they cease. Gusts of wind can often take our breath away, as well as many of our precious objects.

In contrasting the breezes and the gusts of life, how do we experience each? Do we offer gratitude for those “breezes” that cool us down after an intense encounter? As far as “gusts” in life, how do we bear down within and remain steady? Envision in your mind a great oak tree. Its branches may sway in a strong gust, yet it is otherwise unmoved.

Take away: As you look within, what are you aware of that instills steadiness, calm and strength?


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